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Estornes&Boor Boutique | About Us

When We Met...

we discovered we are basically the same person and immediately became besties. We have all the same interests including home decor, fashion, and putting avocado on absolutely everything we eat!

In January 2020, We decided to take a chance and open a business doing what makes us happiest, CLOTHES and being social butterflies! 

What happened next we never could have imagined…

Estornes&Boor Boutique | About Us

We cried alongside women who put jeans on for the first time in several years after having children. We dressed women for the most memorable moments in their lives. We have helped women feel more confident in their bodies. We have made countless friendships from customers turned into people we couldn’t live without. 

Our boutique was designed to provide comfortable and fashionable pieces available in every size, for every body type. We love empowering women, and seeing other women empowering each-other in our uplifting boutique community. 

Creating and growing this business over the years has been nothing short of a dream come true. Thank you to all of our amazing existing and new E&B fashionistas, your support means the world to us! 

Maryanna + Angi
Maryanna + Angi